Photo Fix


Keep Your Precious Memories Alive!

Breathe New Life into Your Old Photos!

I use the latest in professional software to enhance, manipulate, and restore your photographs.  In many cases returning them to their original condition and always making them the best they can be!  

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I can: 

-  Fix minor damages such as red-eye, dust, small scratches and whiten eyes and teeth.

-  Repair major damage such as water, mold, deep scratches, tears, etc.

-  Digitally glamorize your image (think digital plastic surgery!).

-  Enlarge photos up to 800% (depending on the size and quality of the original image).

-  Color correct photo image: removing the color overcast caused by indoor or stage lighting, or from years of exposure to light.

-  Correct for under or over exposed photos - severe exposure problems can be only be minimally corrected.

-  Create composites (taking elements from 2 or more photos to create a new image).

-  Remove the background or on object from the photo.

-  Move people from one photo to another.

-  Artistic enhancements:  grayscale w/ single burst of color, blurred or spinning background, replace the background, etc

3 Easy Steps to Getting Started:

1) Gather your photos

2) Scan them as digital images (or you can send them to us for scanning, additional fees apply)

3) Send the images/photos to us

For detailed information on photo requirements for BEST results, including scanning instructions, click here for our Photo Requirements Page.

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